Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions


Mr. S. Kamei 

- zip code

- 26 address No. 62, Takatori 1-chome, Haori ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

- explanation of fees other than commodity

Shipping price (commodity price) does not include shipping charges and fees. Sales price is a display of consumption tax. 10000 yen in Japan and 10000yen outside Japan.

- due date

The change of the order content can be received before shipment of goods. Please note that changes and cancellations after completion of shipment are not possible.

* however, there is a case where the order cancellation is not possible for order production and reservation goods.

- defective goods

We are working on the management and shipment of goods in this shop, but if you have any trouble with goods, we will deal with sincerity. Please confirm the item immediately after arrival.

If the item is damaged and the item has been received

Please email or call us within 7 days from the date of delivery. After that, if you would like to return your item, you will be required to make a replacement or refund. Please note that if you pass 7 days from the date of delivery, you will not be able to receive your return.

Sales volume

Sales quantity varies according to each commodity. Please note that it is sold in a real store, and there is a case that it is a difference because it is different.

- delivery time

We will ship within 7 business days. Your order day is your order. Delivery specifications are also available on your designated date. If you are late due to inventory conditions, please contact us separately. In addition to the date of application, the delivery date will be delivered on the date of arrival. Please note that it may not be delivered to the delivery date by weather or natural change.

Payment method

Credit card payment

Cash less settlement


Bank transfer

- payment deadline

Payment to the delivery staff at the time of delivery.

In case of payment by bank advance payment, please ask for the payment to the following account within five days after the confirmation email from this side. We will cancel the order once you have received your payment.

Fukuoka bank Nishi Shinmachi branch / local account 0770505 / Kamei

- return period


As a rule, we do not accept any return or cancellation due to customer's convenience.

We pay full attention to the quality of the products, but we will respond with the replacement or refund of new products if there are "items other than orders" and "damage and damage of goods due to an accident during shipment". Please email or call us within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Please confirm that the goods will be checked soon after arrival.

On the exchange of goods

If you wish to exchange goods, we will charge you round trip. In the case where the following conditions are met, it is assumed to correspond only once.

There is the store inventory of the exchange object. (it is not appropriate if it is omitted.)

.Change in amount by the amount of exchange goods may occur. You will be able to return to the original payment and confirm the above conditions.

Returned carriage

Please forgive me in advance because I can not return goods and goods due to customer's convenience.

 If it falls under the defective goods, it will bear it. 

- service name

Bing Web: online shop

- telephone number


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